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January 2008
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Again We Go
3x08 - September 21, 2006

Summary: Tru really has her work cut out for her this time. A whole week’s worth to be exact. Each day a body comes in and asks for help, only nothing happens. Tru is certain something is wrong or that she herself is doing something wrong while Jack is living it up. Then on the fifth day when another body asks for help, Tru finds herself propelled a whole week. Can she save each victim without knowing how they’re intertwined before it’s too late?


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    Erin [userpic]
    Dear RADF readers and supporters,

    It is with sadness and regret that I finally make the announcement that has been, as some of you have probably gathered, a long time coming. After much deliberation and months full of failed attempts to avoid this, we are left with no choice but to end the project.
    I want you all to know that this was not an easy decision. I have really enjoyed my time working as a head writer for RADF, and I am very thankful for the writing experience and the very rewarding comments we received from all of you these past couple of years. Unfortunately as the staff for the project dwindled, it just became too much for two people to handle, and I think it is best for everyone if we end things at this time. I apologize for stringing you guys along these past several months, but we were trying to bring in people to help us with the writing process in hopes of avoiding this. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful.
    That being said, I am very proud of the seven episodes that we did produce, and I want to thank you all so much for supporting this project from day one. Thank you to the staff members, everyone who helped with the realization of the first seven episodes, and to all of the readers who took the time to enjoy our project and leave us feedback. I regret that we couldn't see the rest of our ideas to fruition, but at least it was good while it lasted.
    And also, this decision has nothing to do with my love for Tru Calling. I will always love this show and its characters, and as much as we’d hoped to continue their story, it just isn’t going to happen. But please continue to enjoy the show. I believe reruns are now on the SciFi Network, and thankfully between dvds and fanfiction the show will never die unless the fans let it. So once again, I’m sorry if we’re letting any of you down, and I just hope you understand that the massive workload associated with this project just became too much to handle in addition to real-life and other responsibilities.
    Thank you.


    I am a Japanese T.C fan.

    And I translate your story into Japanese and have the Japanese fan read. Of course, permission is got from you. I very regret that it became impossible for you to continue virtual T.C. However, I have a proposal for a T.C fan. Even if it cannot write as a story, if it is as Summary, can't it be released? Would you release at least the part but, if you considered the future story?

    Re: I am a Japanese T.C fan.

    You are more than welcome to translate our episodes into Japanese. It's very flattering that you want to share our work with more fans!
    The summary idea is interesting, and actually something we hadn't considered. There would be some work to be done, since while we do have notes on what each of the future episodes would have been, they would need to be consolidated and written up. But it is something we will consider!