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Again We Go
3x08 - September 21, 2006

Summary: Tru really has her work cut out for her this time. A whole week’s worth to be exact. Each day a body comes in and asks for help, only nothing happens. Tru is certain something is wrong or that she herself is doing something wrong while Jack is living it up. Then on the fifth day when another body asks for help, Tru finds herself propelled a whole week. Can she save each victim without knowing how they’re intertwined before it’s too late?


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    3x04 Among The Dead

    ...Episode Info

    Episode 3x04: Among The Dead
    Airdate: October 6th 2005
    Summary: When a psychologist asks for help Jack must stop Tru before she's taken into a whirlwind journey of his past.


    Writer: Kitty
    Co-Writer: Tina
    Beta-Reader: Mandi


    Eliza Dushku (as Tru Davies)
    Zach Galifianakis (as Davis)
    Shawn Reaves (as Harrison Davies)
    Jason Priestly (as Jack Harper)
    Liz Vassey (as Dr. Carrie Allen)
    Eric Christian Olsen (as Jensen)
    Lizzy Caplan (as Avery)
    Parry Shen (as Tyler)
    Mark Aiken (as Dr. Spencer Moore)
    Jeff Yagher (as Dr. Franklin Lewis)
    Nicholl Hiren (as Melanie Harper)
    Rebecca Metz (as Mrs. Lewis)

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    Gotta email me if you wanna see them. They're offline.

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    Music Videos
    These are offline, email to view.

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    3x03 Benediction Transcript
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    3x03 Benediction

    Airdate: August 18 2005

    Summary: Everyone has secrets, but when a priest asks for help Tru begins to wonder if some people are really meant to be saved or should some things remain hidden.


    Writer: Kitty
    Co-Writer: Sami
    Beta-Reader:Phisho, King of Lost Faces


    Eliza Dushku (as Tru Davies)
    Zach Galifianakis (as Davis)
    Shawn Reaves (as Harrison Davies)
    Jason Priestly (as Jack Harper)
    Liz Vassey (as Dr. Carrie Allen)
    Eric Christian Olsen (as Jensen)
    Anothony Stewart Head (as Father David Boone)
    Connor Widdows (as Chance Lampanelli)
    Glenn Fitzgerald (as Travis Lampanelli)
    Kali Rocha (as Marion Adams)
    Elin Hampton (as Ms. Holly)

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    :< I accidentally deleted the wallpaper folder. So yeah....lost the wallpapers, there was only five but still. This post is to be used later then. But I need to make it anyway to complete the graphics section. If you have a wallpaper then feel free to email it to me at
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    3x02 On Edge Transcript
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    3x02 On Edge
    ...Episode Info

    Episode 3x02: On Edge
    Airdate: June 23 2005
    Summary: When the body of an up-and-coming figure skater asks for help, Tru finds herself in the middle of the cutthroat world of ice skating. Meanwhile, Jenson begins to experience Fate’s backlash, and Tru is shocked to learn that Davis has told Carrie his secret.


    Writer: Erin
    Co-Writer: Cherrygurl


    Eliza Dushku (as Tru Davies)
    Zach Galifianakis (as Davis)
    Shawn Reaves (as Harrison Davies)
    Jason Priestly (as Jack Harper)
    Liz Vassey (as Dr. Carrie Allen)
    Eric Christian Olsen (as Jensen)
    Lizzy Caplan (as Avery)
    Benjamin Benitez (as Gardez)
    Lindze Letherman (as Kristen Haymore)
    Kathy Lee (as Valerie)
    Aleksandr Domogarov (as Yuri)
    Sage Mears (as Tara)
    Jewel Staite (as Erica Haymore)
    Gloria Stuart (as Grandma Haymore)

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    Episode Promos
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    3x01 Rockabye Transcript
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    3x01 Rockabye

    ...Episode Info

    Episode 3x01: Rockabye
    Airdate: May 19 2005
    Summary: It's life as usual at the Morgue. That is until three
    bodies come in and the one that asks for help is only two months old.
    It’s a race against time as Tru has to figure out how to stop three people from dying when she has no clues to go on.


    Writer: kittybeenbad
    Co-Writer: Tess
    Beta-Readers:Cherrygurl, Tina


    Eliza Dushku (as Tru Davies)
    Zach Galifianakis (as Davis)
    Shawn Reaves (as Harrison Davies)
    Jason Priestly (as Jack Harper)
    Liz Vassey (as Dr. Carrie Allen)
    Eric Christian Olsen (as Jensen Richie)
    Benjamin Benitez (as Gardez)
    Lauren Smith (as Elaine Levin)
    Adrian Hough (as Paul Levin)
    Erin Karpluk (as Ms. Miller)
    Cameron Bancroft (as Tom)

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    By Kittybeenbad

    By Ana

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    Staff and stuff
    Just a quick note to EVERYONE that is listed on the contact page and is on staff, if you did not get that email I sent out then please let me know. I'm going to start reworking everything sometime this week and by Friday I would have cut a great deal of people, so PLEASE make sure you let me know via email or post here.

    Also, just to let everyone know the episode is done, it's going to be betaread and such before it's posted. Also before it is posted I want to at least get the other episodes and a lot of other stuff switched over, so there might be a short delay (if it comes to that) while I do all of that. I'll try to go as fast as I can.
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    If you would like to affiliate please post a comment here.
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    Just letting ya know...
    Just letting everyone know that I'm going to start moving everything sometime today. There is a lot of stuff to switch over and this is going to include reposting of episodes, graphics, pages, etc. So bear with us. Everything will be posted with this account so if you have a question you can leave one on it. I'm going to try to take this slow, like maybe one or two posts per day just so I don't flood everyone's flists.
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    Just letting everyone know that within a week's time all of the website's contents, including the episodes, graphics, etc. will be run through livejournal. In other words there will no longer be a website for the virtual season, but it will be run from here. I know that sounds rather drastic, but once all of the changes are set in place I think it'll actually be easier. IF you do not have a livejournal account remember that they are FREE and there is now an option where it can be a paid account, but with adds I believe.

    The reason for this change is quite simple. I can't really afford hosting costs and I feel really wierd continuing to ask for donations. I just don't want the virtual series to turn into a money whore or something, so I'd rather downsize it just a little then to ask for more support. Though any support that you do give is of course appreciated and you can still donate if you want, it'll just go for contining to keep the lj paid (as i REALLY hate adds) and we're still keeping the forum and I eventually want to upgrade that to the next level. I would even pay for the website out of pocket but I just don't have money and I really don't have time either. So I think running this from livejournal will be the best option. Trust, that I'm still going to strive to make this a legacy to the fandom and everything will still be in as best quality as possible.

    The website will not be taken away right off the bat. For one I need to move everything over, which will take some time (so expect an influx of posts), I want everyone to get a chance to update their bookmarks, and I already paid for the month of June, as I mentioned in the last post. So at least that gives me time to move everything. I really do think this will work from livejournal and maybe it'll be more functional then the website. It'll just take some getting used to. I'm also going to send out a mass email to volunteers sometime soon because we are also downsizing in that department as well.

    I'm going to be asking some volunteers to be co-writers and some to stick with being graphic designers and unfortunetly some people's services will no longer be needed. So if you are on staff then be on the look out of that soon.

    If there are any questions at all please let me know.
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