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January 2008
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Again We Go
3x08 - September 21, 2006

Summary: Tru really has her work cut out for her this time. A whole week’s worth to be exact. Each day a body comes in and asks for help, only nothing happens. Tru is certain something is wrong or that she herself is doing something wrong while Jack is living it up. Then on the fifth day when another body asks for help, Tru finds herself propelled a whole week. Can she save each victim without knowing how they’re intertwined before it’s too late?


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    Going Smoothly....
    The switch from the website to the livejournal that is. All the links have now been moved over! And in a minute I'm going to cancell the website account and the old website will no longer be available. So I hope everyone remembered to update thier links. Also big thanks to Erin for the latest episode, check it out. And as mentioned I will be transcribing it and posting it sometime soon, hopefully by this weekend. XD

    Also if you notice the contact list has just been posted and for those that were either on staff or who have been to the page before you'll notice it's greatly shortened. If you were on staff and you do not see your name up it's because you didn't reply to my email, you were never around, or I really didn't see the need to keep you. Since the V.S was downsized I didn't see the relvency of keeping so many people on board. But with the smaller staff list that should make for some more consistency. Also, if you didn't see your name up, and you still want to join (especially those who were co-writing) then please let me know. I think there was a problem with the email I sent out originally. Remember this offer is only for those who were on staff the first time. We don't need anymore volunteers outside of that, Thank you.

    **Note to staff: check the forum board, I'm re-doing the writing order**
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