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Again We Go
3x08 - September 21, 2006

Summary: Tru really has her work cut out for her this time. A whole week’s worth to be exact. Each day a body comes in and asks for help, only nothing happens. Tru is certain something is wrong or that she herself is doing something wrong while Jack is living it up. Then on the fifth day when another body asks for help, Tru finds herself propelled a whole week. Can she save each victim without knowing how they’re intertwined before it’s too late?


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    3x07 Crazed Transcript




    Annabel! Over here!
    ENTERS: A stunning, blonde young woman wearing a stylish white trenchcoat and oversized black sunglasses steps out of an unmarked stage door, flanked by a shorter, older woman carrying a stack of folders, and a burly African-American man in a black suit who is clearly a bodyguard. A small crowd of fans are gathered around, frantically snapping photos and waving glossy photos to be autographed at the starlet.

    Annabel politely breaks into a smile, waving the hand that isn’t holding her large designer pocketbook at the crowd.

    Hello everyone.

    She glances at the man, a hopeful look in her eyes.
    He sighs. Just a few. Make it quick."
    ANNABEL flashes him a thousand-watt smile before quickly moving to the nearest fan and accepting the large photo of herself, swiftly pulling a Sharpie from her coat pocket.

    What’s your name, sweetie?

    CASEY looked about twelve. CLOSE up of the young girl

    (sqeaks, looking as if she might fall over from excitment)
    ANNABEL scrawls something on the photo with a flourish before handing it back and moving to the next fan. The bodyguard stands impatiently next to his client, making sure the fans don’t get too close, while the other woman heads right for the limousine that is already waiting on the street. Annabel’s natural charm and poise shine through as she cordially signs autographs and even poses for a picture with a young fan.

    "Okay folks, Miss Winters has places to go!
    (Calls out placing his large hand gently yet sternly on his client’s back, steering her towards the limo.)

    ANNABEL waves back at the crowd one final time as they scream their goodbyes, the lucky ones who had received autographs bouncing excitedly.

    ANNABEL WINTERS slides gracefully into the limo next to her personal assistant, while the bodyguard climbs in the front with the driver, muttering to him their destination.


    You never cease to amaze me, Annabel

    (with a shake of her head.)
    Most actresses get tired of signing autographs and being constantly mobbed.
    ANNABEL shrugs it off casually, pulling a compact mirror from her purse and flipping it open.

    I think they’re sweet. Those girls look up to me, I can spare a few minutes.

    (shakes head again)

    Well, right now we’re headed over to Sixteen magazine for an interview. Then you can go home for a while, but you have to come back tonight to re-shoot those scenes from last week," she says, consulting one of the many papers in her hands.

    ANNABEL applies some nude colored lipstick to her pout.

    Sounds good.


    Oh, and you really need to talk to Blake about that contract to be the spokesperson for Betty Ford, Make sure he didn’t find any loopholes.

    (A strange look comes over the young star’s face.)

    Oh yeah...about that. Blake is no longer representing me.

    (Turns to ANNABEL eyes wide)

    You have got to be kidding me, Annabel. You fired your lawyer? When were you planning on telling me?

    I’m sorry, Brenda. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.


    (squeaks, sounding very stressed)

    Of course it’s a big deal! You made a huge decision like that without consulting me?
    ANNABEL holds up a perfectly manicured hand.

    Relax. I have it taken care of. Sophie, you know, my co-star on the film?

    She recommended a lawyer to me, Carol something. I have her card, I’m going to call later and ask her to represent me. Everything is going to be fine.

    (seems to relax a little)

    Okay. It sounds like you have things under control. But seriously, is now really the time to be making major changes in your representation?

    The conversation is interrupted when the limousine pulls to a stop outside a tall office building. ANNABEL checks her appearance in her mirror one more time before returning it to her purse.

    Looks like we’re here.

    (Pasues turning to Brenda placing a gentle hand on her shoulder)
    Don’t worry about anything. Everything is under control

    (flashes her assistant a stunning, genuine smile.)
    The door swings open as the bodyguard holds it for his client. She swiftly turns and gracefully exits the vehicle, her long hair flowing behind her, the perfect picture of grace and stardom.




    So really, Tru, how are you?
    Harrison asks, (uncharacteristic concern in his voice as he stares across the table at his sister in the Standard Diner.)
    Tru averts her eyes from his gaze, clutching onto her coffee cup.


    We’ve already been over this. I’m fine.

    But you’re not. I know you, Tru.

    (glances around furtively before leaning over the table to make the conversation more private.)
    Tru, that plane, the one that Lindsay was supposed to be on. It exploded, Tru. You can’t tell me that’s not bothering you.



    I’m trying not to let it, what's done is done, Harrison. I learned my lesson.

    (looks worried)
    Well, did you ever figure out why it happened? I mean, didn’t you say that Davis was taking care of the plane?

    He was. He thought he did, I mean. He feels just as bad about it as I do. But we’ve kind of avoided the subject.

    TRU stares down into her coffee.

    "It happened. As much as I wish that day could have rewound one more time so I could have saved those people, it didn’t.

    So now all I can do is work extra hard. Next time I get a rewind day, nothing is going to stop me. I can’t lose like that again Harry.

    (TRU's voice grew quiter)
    I just can’t.

    (smiling sympathetically)
    You won’t, Tru. Hey, we all make mistakes, right?

    Most people’s ‘mistakes’ don’t cause dozens of people to die, she thought to herself. Almost every night since that day she had seen all of those faces asking her for help when she closed her eyes. She had failed them all. And there was nothing she could do about it except vow to never let it happen again.
    (taking advantage of the silence to change the subject)
    So, how are things with you and Avery?

    (makes a face)

    Well, Lindsay’s visit did make things a little rough there for a while.

    Ave was just...I don’t know, a little icy. But that’s just a jealous chick thing. I think she’s getting over it.

    (gives him a look)
    Harry, you have to understand where she’s coming from. I mean, you and Linds had something.

    This thing with you two is still new, so it just made her a little insecure.

    (shrugs casually)
    Well, she seems to be over it."

    The waitress drops the bill on the table and they smile in thanks. Then, just like usual, Harrison looks anxiously from the check to Tru. She sighs, reaching over to pick it up.

    (says gratefully)
    Thanks Tru

    TRU just rolls her eyes. She could count on one hand the number of times Harrison had actually paid for their breakfast. She places some bills on the table as the two of them stand to leave.

    So what are your plans for today?

    TRU is about to head out the door, but pauses to let a woman balancing a take-out tray with three cups of coffee balanced precariously in it through first. The woman smiles in thanks and heads carefully out the door. Tru opens her mouth to answer her brother’s question but is interrupted by a shriek. She looks up in alarm to see the woman standing there, furious, her coffees spilled all over the ground as a man in a baseball hat apologizes like crazy.
    (yells shrilly)

    Look what you’ve done!


    Ma’am, I’m so sorry, let me replace them for you.

    (glearing at him)
    You need to learn to watch where you’re going

    (She storms away from the diner, leaving a crowd of customers and passerby standing there to gawk. TRU and HARRISON exchange glances before finally pushing through the crowd to leave, almost bumping into a tired-looking waitress, who has apparently been sent to clean up the mess on the sidewalk. Once they’re finally on the street they say their goodbyes and head off in their separate directions, the ritually shared part of their day ended and their own separate lives beginning.
    TRU walks down the street. It is a beautiful day outside, and the street is fairly crowded with early morning joggers, shoppers, business people hurrying to work, the usual assortment. She spots a newspaper stand and pauses to read the magazine headlines, picking one up and flipping through it. She becomes so absorbed she is almost oblivious when someone comes up beside her. WIDE on MICHELLE )

    Good morning, Tru.

    TRU closes her eyes behind the cover of her magazine, cursing inwardly. She did not need this right now.
    She slowly lowers her magazine, looking reporter Michelle Carey in the eye.

    Hello Michelle. Actually, I was just leaving, we’ll have to catch up later.

    TRU quickly stuffs the magazine back in the rack and tries to make a quick getaway, but the swift reporter intercepts her, blocking her path back to the steady flow of traffic on the sidewalk. Tru’s _expression turns steely as she stares her in the eye.
    Excuse me.


    (speaks evenly, looking even more smug that usual, if that was possible)
    Unless you want to walk up to that stand tomorrow and see yourself on the cover of the daily paper,


    (shakes head in disbelief)

    I really thought we settled this. What do you want from me?

    (responds quickly)

    I want to talk about Flight 740

    (The impact of her words is obvious, as Tru’s face blanches slightly)



    I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Tru mutters, trying to push around the reporter. But Michelle holds out a hand, catching her by the arm and trapping her.


    Oh, but I know you do. See, I even have proof.

    MICHELLE lets go of TRU and pulls a notepad from her coat pocket, flipping a page back and reading.
    See, I know for a fact that at eleven twenty am on the day Flight 740 was scheduled to leave for England,

    you asked about that specific flight. And then,

    (turns another page)

    That evening you paid a cabbie to, and I quote, ‘take the scenic route to the airport.’ The same airport where Flight 740 was scheduled to depart.

    Then, you turn around and go back to your apartment only minutes before the plane explodes on the runway
    MICHELLE closes her pad with emphasis and looks right at Tru.
    It sounds like you had advance knowledge that something was going to happen to that plane,

    Tru, and if you did, you could be responsible for multiple deaths.
    TRU gapes at her, shocked.

    That doesn’t prove anything.

    (pauses for a second, thinking wildly)

    My friend Lindsay was visiting from England. She was thinking about taking that flight, so I asked what time it was leaving for her.

    And I asked the cabbie to take the long way so we could discuss some things, and then she decided to stay.

    We were both horrified when we saw what happened to the people on that plane, and we actually think it was a miracle that she wasn’t on it.
    MICHELLE absorbs this, nodding slowly.

    You’re convincing. I might even believe you if this were the first time you were in a situation like this

    ( purses her lips)
    This is big, Tru. People died on that plane. And if you were somehow involved...I will find out.

    MICHELLE's words hang over them ominously as she gives Tru one last glance before turning and walking briskly down the street, leaving Tru to stand there staring after her.


    Later that day, TRU walks into the morgue for work. DAVIS is sitting at his desk, absorbed in something. He acknowledges TRU as she comes in and hangs up her coat.

    So, guess who I ran into today?

    This is interesting enough for DAVIS to look up from what he is doing, CLOSE up of what appears to be a crossword puzzle.


    Michelle Carey


    She was asking me about the plane."
    She has his full attention now.

    The plane? You mean...the plane Lindsay was supposed to be on?


    Apparently she’s been keeping tabs on me again.

    She said she knows that I asked about that flight at the airport earlier in the day,

    and that I paid the cabbie to take the long way before turning around halfway there.
    (taking this in)
    What is she going to do about it?


    (looks worried
    I don’t know. Hopefully nothing. But it kind of freaked me out.

    She seemed so determined


    That’s odd. I thought you said when you saw her at that concert that it seemed like she had moved on.

    That’s true, but that was also Day 1. On Day 2, I didn’t see her, and I’m sure you remember that things got a little crazy.

    (realizes something)

    Davis, Michelle probably saw me up on stage, when the whole shooting went down.

    That’s probably why she started following me again.
    (looks truly conserned now)

    Well, she doesn’t have any proof of anything. She just likes to talk big.

    (shakes head, not convinced)

    I know that, but still...she made things complicated before.

    I really don’t need that again. Dealing with Jack on rewind days is enough of a hassle without worrying about Michelle, too.

    (slowly turns back to his desk)
    Well, there isn’t really anything we can do now.

    Just try and be extra careful next time there’s a rewind.

    Try not to do anything to implicate yourself in public.


    Davis, it’s not like I try to get myself in these situations. I do what I have to do.

    (She makes a frustrated noise)

    I just thought this was over, I thought that after I saved her life we were even.

    (points out, leaning over his crossword puzzle)

    She’s a reporter. She is just as dedicated to getting her story as you are to your job.

    Tru sits down in one of the chairs and puts her feet up.


    I guess so.
    What’s a four letter word for ‘energy field’?

    (asks suddenly, tapping the desk with his pencil)

    (thinks for a second before shaking head)
    I don’t know.

    WIDE as Carrie enters



    They both turn to see Carrie standing in the doorway. She’s wearing one of her classic tight skirt and blouse ensembles, barely appropriate for the workplace. She is smiling her usual confident smile as she nods at TRU before turning her gaze back to DAVIS.

    (smiling as if she was absolutely brillinat)
    Aura, that’s it.

    He hurriedly pencils it in, pleased as she walks toward him. TRU watches as she lightly touches his shoulder before leaning back against his desk, very close in proximity to the older man. She notices that DAVIS barely seems to flinch, and suddenly wonders just how close these two have become.
    (casually, glancing between them.)

    Am I interrupting something?

    (Her tone suggest that she isn't refering to the morgue)

    Just discussing business?


    She was still a little bitter that DAVIS had shared her secret with CARRIE. Although she and DAVIS had moved past it, she was still somewhat icy around the psychologist, whom she didn’t trust as far as she could throw her. There was just something about the way she acted like she owned the place- and DAVIS- that bothered TRU. The three of them sit in slightly awkward silence for a moment before a voice pierces through the air.

    WIDE as Gardez enters.


    TRU, DAVIS, and CARRIE all sit up a little straighter at the familiar call from GARDEZ. The all too familiar sound of the gurney rolling down the hallway, growing louder with every step still brought an uncomfortable sensation to Tru’s stomach. As he comes into view and wheels the gurney into the intake room, TRU and DAVIS stand up to join him, CARRIE tagging along innocently.
    (grimly, standing over the body bag)

    What do we have tonight?

    A crying shame, that’s what we have

    Gardez unzips the bag, pulling it away so they can all get a good look at the victim.

    She looks familiar

    All three of them startle slightly, as if they had just remembered she was there. TRU glances at her with slight annoyance before returning her eyes to the body. The girl was beautiful, in her early twenties, with long blonde hair and defined features. Even in death her makeup was nearly perfect, and she had a serene _expression on her face. From what she could see it was clear that this young woman was very well dressed.


    She does, I feel like I’ve definitely seen her somewhere before.

    That’s because you probably have.

    (waits a second for ther attention)

    She’s Annabel Winters. The actress, she hit it big a couple years ago on that teeny-bopper show,

    LA Secrets or something, and now she’s making some big movie.

    (sounding a little said)
    Or at least she was.

    (frowns, leaning over to examine the corpse)

    Where was the body found?


    Her apartment...sweet place, I might add, penthouse in one of those new luxury buildings by the river.

    Takeout delivery guy found the body, from what I gathered he showed up with an order and the door was open,

    he went in and found her sprawled on the floor like this.

    (shakes his head sadly)

    She’s so young. And supposedly everyone thought she was really going places.

    DAVIS unzips the rest of the body bag, revealing a tall and slender physique, clad in expensive-looking jeans and a black top.

    (half to himself)
    No obvious signs of injury

    (looks harder, his frown becomes more prominent)

    Virtually no signs that anything is even wrong with her.


    Except that she’s dead


    (raises eyebrows)

    (looks thoughtfully at the body, then up at Davis)



    Would seem like a logical conclusion, we can’t be sure until after we do the tox screening though.

    (quietly gesturing towards the hallway)
    Um, I think you have a visitor.

    All of them look up to see a short woman in her mid-forties with short blonde hair and a hand clasped over her mouth as she stares at the body on the table.


    TRU quickly, moving to the door and out into the hallway as quick as possible. She comes up beside the woman.

    Ma’am? Are to identify the body?

    (The woman stares at her in shock, and then slowly nods her head.)

    Um, y-yes

    (swallows hard, obviously trying to compose herself)

    This can’t be real. Not Annabel...

    TRU glances in at where DAVIS is still hovering over the body, with CARRIE and GARDEZ standing slightly off to the side.



    How do you know her?


    I’m her assistant,I’m Brenda, by the way...but yes, I spend almost every waking hour with Annabel.

    (she begins to tear up)

    I just can’t understand how this could have happened!

    (turns to look at Tru suddenly, as if she just thought of something alarming)

    What happened to her? All I know is that they found her in her apartment...


    We haven’t determined that yet,"
    Brenda, can you think of anyone who might have wanted to hurt Annabel?

    (eyes widen, obviously horrified by the mere thought)

    No! Of course not. Annabel...she was special, you see.

    I mean, in this business, you meet a lot of people.

    (says with some distaste)

    But Annabel...she wasn’t like any of them.

    Even through all of her success she has stayed so genuine, you know?

    She will never turn down a fan who wants an autograph,

    no matter how busy she is or how bad her day has been.

    And she’s always been so beloved on sets, because she gets along with everyone...

    (tears start to fall)

    It sounds like she was a great person. But are you sure you can’t think of anything?

    Anyone you might have seen today that looked suspicious, even?

    (trys to think then suddenly her face lights up)

    Oh my...there is someone. I can’t believe I forgot...

    (eyes wide with horror)

    A few months ago, Annabel began getting letters from a young man, an admirer.

    It started out innocently, but eventually he got a little too...persistent.

    Then one day he showed up at the set of her tv show.

    We both got scared and Annabel got a restraining order...we joked about it after, saying how she had officially arrived in Hollywood

    , now that she’d had her first you think he may have been responsible?"

    (dread in her voice)

    I don’t know, but it’s definitely something to consider. What was this man’s name?


    Paul Ryan. I don’t know where he lives, his letters never had a return address.

    (in a hushed tone)

    Oh, my. Do you really think he may be responsible?

    I don’t know, Brenda, but it’s somewhere to start.

    (suddenly gets a funny look on her face, as if she has just realized something)

    Excuse me for asking...but isn’t it the job of the police to be investigating this?

    (covers with a smile)

    Well, we like to try and help the police as much as we can. The more information, the better.

    (eyes drift back to the window, and she shakes slightly as she looks again at the body)

    I need to call her parents...and make a press release...oh dear Lord.

    Suddenly a chirping noise can be heard, and BRENDA jumps slightly before fumbling in her pocket for her phone.


    I have to take this, e-excuse me.

    Seeming more than dazed as she wanders down the hall and flips open her phone

    Tru watches her as she engages in a quiet conversation with whoever is on the other line, until another voice catches her by surprise.

    So, do you think she’s going to ask?
    Tru whirls around to see CARRIE standing there in the door of DAVIS's office, her arms crossed casually as she leans against the doorframe. TRU straightens a little, immediately feeling uncomfortable at the very notion of discussing this with her.


    I don’t know

    Well, I would think she would. I mean, she’s so young, sounds like

    she had quite the promising future. Certainly fits the profile.

    There is no profile. I can never predict who will ask and who won’t...

    and I don’t think now is really the time for this conversation.

    TRU cast a pointed glance at BRENDA who is still talking on her phone down the hall. She is feeling increasing discomfort over discussing this with CARRIE, whom she hadn’t even wished to know in the first place. CARRIE appears like she is about to say something else, when DAVIS steps out into the hall, looking back and forth between the two women and glancing at BRENDA down the hall.
    Everything okay?

    (nods, her eyes avoiding CARRIE)

    Yeah. That’s Brenda, she’s Annabel’s assistant. She’s pretty upset.

    TRU wants to tell him the other information, about Paul Ryan, but she doesn’t want to discuss it in front of CARRIE, who is still watching intently, much to TRU's annoyance.


    I’ll go talk to her, about the formalities."

    DAVIS slowly heads down the hall, where BRENDA is hanging up her phone, leaving TRU alone with CARRIE again. TRU glances around for an escape route, not wanting to get anymore of the third degree from this woman. As if answering her prayers, her cell phone rings in her pocket. She excuses herself and steps into the office to answer it.


    There is a long silence on the other end, and for a moment she thinks the other person hung up. But then she hears the distinct sound of breathing from the other end.

    (repeats, starting to frown)

    Hello? Is anyone there?

    "Help me."
    (looks down at her phone, speaking a little louder)
    Excuse me?

    But then a faint click sounds, and she realizes that the other person hung up. She is confused for a second before she hears the voice again.
    "Help me."

    TRU suddenly turns around, realizing that the voice wasn’t coming from her phone at all. She slowly puts it back into her pocket before heading into the intake room, where the body of ANNABEL WINTERS still lies on the gurney. She walks until she is beside the body, and she braces herself slightly as she looks down at the beautiful girl’s face, knowing what is coming. Sure enough, the girl’s eyes open as she looks right at Tru, repeating her plea.
    "Help me."
    Everything turns into a blur as the day rewinds.
    Tru wakes up with a start in her bed, looking around to see the same sunny sky through the window, the same pajamas on her body, the same glass of water on her nightstand. Even though she should be used to it by now, the same odd chill that always seems to accompany a rewind travels through her body as she sits up slowly. A flash of the people on Flight 740 begging for her help pops into her mind, followed by the image of the striking ANNABEL WINTERS, lying cold on the gurney. "I’m not going to lose this time," she says with determination as she swings her feet over the side of the bed.


    (Harrison can tell as soon as he approaches the usual booth at the Standard Diner that it’s a rewind day. The uptight, all-business _expression on his sister’s face that he’s come to know all too well is a dead giveaway.)
    So, who is it this time?

    (othering with pleasantries as he slides into the booth opposite her, surprised to see that she is already halfway through her pancakes while his usual is waiting for him, still warm.)



    An actress. Annabel Winters, found in her apartment, no visible wounds, Davis suspected poison.

    The waitress pauses at the table to drop off two cups of coffee, and Tru smiles in thanks as she walks away. Harrison crinkles his forehead as he chews his meal.

    Annabel, Annabel...that name sounds familiar.

    I guess she’s supposed to be a real up-and-comer. But we’re off to a good start. Yesterday...

    well, you know, I talked to her assistant at the morgue and she gave me some good info.

    Turns out Annabel had a stalker, Paul Ryan, they thought he was harmless but now, obviously-

    (Finishes for Tru)

    Maybe not so harmless after all. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a killer.


    Well I don’t think we can go that far, but it’s at least a good place to start.


    (automatically, used to the routine)

    So, what’s the plan?


    I need you to try and track down Paul Ryan.

    I don’t know how easy it will be, they said he never used a return address when he wrote to Annabel

    , and they don’t even know where he lived, but I would say check in the area first.

    I’m going to stop by the morgue and then try to track down Annabel to warn

    her that her stalker might be more of a danger than she thinks.

    (nods in agreement, one eyebrow slightly rasied)
    Seems like you’ve got this all worked out, sis.

    (shrugs modestly)

    I just can’t lose today. Annabel will live to win her Oscar,

    or whatever life has in store for her, if I have anything to say about it.


    Now that’s the spirit!

    He speaks perhaps a little too enthusiastically. She gives him a look before going back to eating her pancakes.

    anything else I should be thinking about?

    (wistfully remembering the times when he used his sister’s gift to win major victories at the races.)

    Michelle Carey. I ran into her yesterday.


    She was asking about the plane.

    What can I do?


    Nothing, leave her to me. I’m going to try to avoid her if possible.

    I have enough to think about today.

    TRU finishes off her food and takes one last sip of her coffee before signaling the waitress for the check


    (quickly polishing of his food)
    And Jack?

    (shrgugs grimly)

    I don’t know what his angle will be today.

    But I plan to stay two steps ahead of him.

    The waitress drops the bill on the table and Tru takes it this time without hesitation, reaching for her wallet.
    (looks offended)
    Hey, maybe I was going to pay today.

    TRU just tilts her head to the side and looks at him. He sighs, defeated, taking a last sip of his coffee. A moment later the two of them rise from their booth, heading for the door. They pass a lady holding a shaky-looking tray with three cups of coffee heading for the exit. HARRISON is surprised when TRU quickly steps in front of her, causing her to stop where she is.

    Excuse me.
    (smile as she reaches over the counter to hand the tip to the waitress personally. She hesitates another moment before heading for the door, the woman behind her looking slightly annoyed. Suddenly a man in a hat barrels through the door, cutting off TRU, the woman stopping just short of running into her. He continues on to the counter as TRU meets HARRISON and heads out the door, smiling slightly to herself as he woman proceeds behind them without incident. They reach the street and the siblings exchange a look.

    I'll be in touch.
    (As both start to head ther separate ways)
    And Harry?
    HARRISON looks at her expectantly.
    (sincerely, with a smile)


    No problem, Tru.

    They turn and head in opposite directions, TRU immediately walking to the curb and hailing a cab, knowing that MICHELLE is waiting along the walking route, waiting to bombard her with accusations. One pulls up after only a minute and TRU climbs in, staring out the window as it drives away from the curb.


    Jack Harper walks into the office of Richard Davies without bothering to knock. Richard is on the phone and looks up at him with an unreadable _expression, holding up a hand as he finishes his call.

    Thank you for your time. I’ll be in touch."

    He hangs up, turning his full attention to his protege, who is pacing impatiently throughout the office.)

    (all bussiness)

    One of those days?

    (nods grimly)
    Our victim is a young woman. Annabel Winters.

    Saw the name on the back of one of those chairs, like from a movie set.

    It appears our girl is an actress, and pretty popular. There were tons of screaming fans, mostly young girls.

    Lots of flashing cameras, a limousine, and then an apartment, a wine glass, and then nothing.

    (nods slowly)
    Annabel Winters, I’ve heard the name. And a wine glass...she was probably poisoned,

    might have been the last thing she saw.


    I was thinking the same thing.

    (pauses for dramatic effect)
    But I didn’t even get to the best part.

    (raises an eyebrow, intrigued)

    And what would that be?

    (with emphasis)

    I saw this building, this law firm.

    Big sign, plain as day, Davies, O’Donnell and Cross

    Jack says with emphasis.
    (leans back in chair)
    Well, isn’t that interesting.

    JACK perches in the chair opposite the desk, leaning forward.

    And I saw a man, one I’ve seen around here before. I don’t know a name, but I can describe him.

    Young, good-looking, dark hair, muscular, suit and tie.


    This man was important in our victim’s last day, and he works here.

    (visibly pleased)
    This could definitely work to our advantage.

    (RICHARD turns to the computer and punches some keys, pulling up a few screens.)
    Come look through these employee photos, see if you recognize our lawyer.

    JACK walks around the other side of the desk, staring intently as Richard scrolls past photo after photo.


    (with triumph, jabbing a finger at a headshot on the computer)

    That’s him

    (slightly surprised)
    That’s Blake Duncan. He’s one of our star lawyers, really knows his stuff.

    (clicks the mouse a few times and scrolls through a list, clearly looking for something.)

    (a wickd smile spread across his face as he reads the screen)

    And this just gets better and better.

    (leans in squinting to read the small print)
    Well I’ll be damned. Blake represents our young starlet.


    Actually, represented would be the right word.

    Says here that Annabel fired him. And recently, too.
    (focusing his eyes on his mentor)
    Can you find out why?

    (picks up phone, dialing an extension)
    Of course I can.

    (RICHARD and JACK exchange a smile.)


    (repeats, sitting in his office chair, looking at TRU)

    So, let me get this straight. We have a dead actress, unknown causes, possibly poison, and a former stalker as a suspect?

    TRU types a phrase into a search engine, nodding her head.

    Yes. I’m lucky that I got to talk to Brenda- that’s her assistant, before the day rewound. I have a lot more to go on than usual.

    She pulls up a brightly colored website with a large color photo of an all too-familiar blonde girl with a striking _expression.

    Here’s Annabel’s official website.

    (She navigates to the homepage and scrolls down past a colorful header, scanning the contents.)
    Wow. Looks like Brenda wasn’t exaggerating when she said Annabel was Miss Congeniality.
    (crossing the room to peer over TRU's shoulder)

    What is it?


    Well, on her official website, Annabel keeps a journal, where she writes to fans.

    (clears throat, reading from something on the screen)

    Hi everyone! I’m on the set of Capital Murder, and everything is going just great.

    I love my character and my co-stars are’s great to be a part of a real movie.

    I also wanted to thank everyone for all of the letters and gifts.

    You are all too kind, and I am working on getting back to every one of you.

    (TRU glances over her shoulder at DAVIS with a raised eyebrow before scrolling down the page some more.)

    Looks like she updates at least once a week.

    That is pretty dedicated, sounds personal too, not like she had someone write it for her.


    A lot of young girls must really look up to her

    (browsing through the website)

    Oh, and it gets better. The Official Annabel Winters Fan Club, five thousand members and counting.

    (chuckles slightly)

    That’s a lot. I’ve always found it amusing how people can become so obsessed with complete strangers,

    people they don’t even know, just based on some television persona.

    (nods grimly)
    Well, all I know is that’s at least five thousand people who will be devastated if things go the way they did yesterday.

    (TRU’s on a different site now, alternating typing with clicking.)
    I’m trying to get an address for this studio where this movie is being made. Hopefully I can find Annabel there.

    Sounds like somewhere to start. What about the stalker?


    I put Harrison on it,"

    Because her back is turned she doesn’t see the quick, but noticeable wave of hurt that crosses DAVIS’s face. For so long he had always been the one who had helped TRU. Even though they were slowly getting back to where they had once been, he knew that something had permanently changed between them when he had betrayed her trust to CARRIE.


    Well, if you need know where to find me.

    TRU triumphantly hits a key, and the printer begins to whir.


    Got an address. And yeah, you know I will. I’ll keep you updated.

    (waits by the printer, grabbing the sheet as soon as it comes through and sticking it into her pants pocket.)
    I’ll see you later, D.


    Be careful.


    (calls back, already halfway down the hall)
    Always am.
    CARRIE steps off the elevator just as TRU reaches it, hoping to go down.

    (pleasantly, flashing a smile)

    Good morning Tru.

    (equally pleasant, but minus the smile)
    Hello Carrie

    She steps onto the vacated elevator, inconspicuously pressing the button to close the doors quickly. CARRIE stands in the hallway, thinking to herself. TRU here in the morning could only mean one thing. She instinctively feels in her pocket for her cell phone, and isn’t even surprised when it conveniently rings right at that moment. She smirks as she flips it open.

    So, who’s the victim today?

    She leaning against the wall by the elevator, making sure to keep her voice low.
    There is a beat on the other end.


    How’d you know?

    Tru was just here.

    Ah, so she’s hard at work already. Impressive.

    Well I don’t think we have to worry, because it just so happens that

    we have somewhat of a home-court advantage today.


    I like the sound of that.

    (glancing down the hall to make sure the coast is still clear)
    Our victim is an actress, and her recently-canned lawyer just so happens to work at...
    Davies, O’Donnell and Cross.

    Yes. Richard is getting me a meeting as we speak.

    So all I need you to do is distract Davis, don’t let him help Tru too much.

    And try to find out if she’s aware of the possible lawyer connection.


    (with a confident smile)

    As good as done

    Keeping DAVIS preoccupied was like taking candy from a baby, and it didn’t hurt that she had him completely wrapped around her finger

    I’ll keep you posted.


    The line goes dead, and CARRIE puts her phone away before heading down the hall. She knocks gently on the doorframe of DAVIS's office, leaning against it seductively.

    Good morning.

    (looks up from his paperwork, eyes widening slightly as they usually do when he sees her.)
    Good morning Carrie.


    Was that Tru I just saw, a little early for her to be here, isn’t it?"
    (looks up at her)

    Rewind day.

    (pretends to be surprised)

    Oh, I see.


    Anything I can do to help?

    No, I don’t think so. Tru seems to have this one under control.

    (pauses, and for a moment CARRIE thinks that is all the information he is going to offer.)

    She was lucky this time, she got to talk to a friend of the victim, and she is looking into an old stalker.

    (surprised, but not for the reason DAVIS thinks)




    (nods in understanding)
    She watches DAVIS as he awkwardly shuffles papers around his desk, an idea coming to her. "

    I have an idea.

    What kind of idea?


    When was the last time you took a day off?

    (tugs nervously at his collar)

    Well, uh, I don’t really take days off...

    (enthusiastically, hoping to sell him on the idea)

    Well, why don’t you? We could go somewhere, do something spontaneous, live a little.

    (glances around uneasily)
    Um, I don’t know...what if I’m needed?

    (raised an eyebrow)
    Do you really have any work to do?

    I’m sure no one would miss you if you just went out for a couple of hours.

    But, Tru. She might need me, I told her I would help...

    (waiting expectantly by the door)

    Tru’s a big girl. And you have a cell phone, it’s not like she won’t be able to reach you.

    (smiles slyly)

    Come on. It’ll be fun. We can get to know each other a little better.

    (blushes, tugging at his collar a little more), okay. I guess I don’t really have any work to do anyway. A few hours won’t hurt.

    He slowly gets his coat, checking to make sure his cell phone is there, before hesitantly following her out the door, glancing back over his shoulder with a guilty _expression before exiting the building.


    In RICHARD’s office, JACK and his mentor wait patiently until a knock sounds at the door. A young, handsome man in a sharp black suit peers around the door.

    (calls out)
    Come in, Blake.

    The man walks in, his stride confident and attention-demanding. He pauses in front of the desk, glancing questioningly at JACK, who is leaning against the wall in street clothes, obviously out of place in the law firm, even more so in the office of one of it’s head honchos.

    (with a charming smile, Jack is sure to have charmed a few ladies in it's day.)
    How can I help you, Mr. Davies?

    BLAKE is young for a lawyer, early to mid thirties, with short, spiky hair and unnaturally white teeth.
    (motioning for him to sit down)
    Have a seat. I wanted to discuss one of your cases with you.

    (sits down, looking innocent and confused)

    Of course, which case would that be?

    (with ease, not wanting Blake to put his guard up)
    Annabel Winters, young actress, I’m sure you know her.

    JACK is almost certain he sees something flash across BLAKE's face, so quick if he had blinked he may have missed it.

    (smoothly, not missing a beat. Running a hand through his hair)
    Miss Winters, of course.

    Actually, as you probably know, Miss Winters recently informed me that she would no longer require my services.

    Yes, so I've heard.


    So, I was just wondering if you could explain to me what caused a capable young lawyer like yourself to lose such a potentially important client.

    BLAKE’s eyes flit to JACK, obviously itching to ask who he is but not wanting to seem rude.


    (words flowing smoothly from his tongue. JACK got the sense that the this guy could talk his way out of anything
    Well, Miss Winters is very picky.

    You know, typical actress, her head’s more than a little in the clouds,

    if you know what I’m saying. Honestly, I never had very much interaction with her,

    just looked over a few contracts. She didn’t really specify why she wanted to end our partnership.

    She must have just thought it was time for a change.

    (speakes for the first time)

    Well, there must have been a reason.

    (tiniest hint of annoyance present in his voice)
    Excuse me, but who are you?

    This is Jack Harper. He’s an associate of mine.

    But Blake, I would love to hear the answer to that question.

    Miss Winters, being the budding starlet that she is,

    could have brought some great publicity to this law firm,

    and I’m just curious as to what went wrong.

    (chuckles a little to himself)

    Mr. Davies...I’m sorry for losing the case.

    I always thought I went above and beyond to keep Annabel happy.

    Maybe she simply got a better rate somewhere else.

    (with a rigid smile)

    Are you sure there’s nothing you can think of that may have made Miss Winters...upset with you?

    I apologize if I’m nagging, but it is my responsibility as one of the partners

    in this firm to make sure all of our clients are satisfied.

    If we can establish what went wrong, it will be easier to prevent next time.

    (appears to be thinking)

    Well...I guess you could say that she was a little upset by one of my suggestions for her.

    (looks at RICHARD as if for encouragement to continue)
    A few weeks ago she brought a contract to me, some spokesperson deal for a designer.

    Immediately I noticed that the contract was extremely vague, and basically could

    have been used to acquire her services for anything from modeling to mowing the designer’s lawn.

    I recommended that she demand another contract, and she got upset.

    I was surprised, I didn’t think she would take a business suggestion so personally,

    but maybe the girl just doesn’t like confrontation.


    A few days later I had the message on my machine that she would no longer be requiring my services.


    (nods taking it in)
    Well, then it sounds like this was no fault of yours.


    (his cell phone rings in his pocket, and he checks it.)
    Excuse me

    (moving out into the hall, leaving Blake and Richard behind. Once alone, he answers the phone.


    (her suave voice relays)
    Sounds like Tru is following a lead. Some former stalker of the victim.


    Stalker? I didn’t get anything that suggested that.

    Well, apparently Tru talked to an assistant before the day rewound, and she mentioned it.

    (nods, thinking this over)
    Well, I just met with the ex-lawyer, and he’s definitely hiding something.

    I noticed that he called our victim by her first name...not exactly typical between lawyers and their clients.


    Maybe they’re having an affair.


    I don’t know. But I’m going to find out.

    But if you see Tru, encourage the stalker angle.

    That should keep her busy.

    What if she's right?

    (a little sharply)

    I'll take care of it.

    (He glances behind him at the office door, which is only slightly ajar)

    I’ve got to go. I’ll be in touch.

    He puts his phone away and heads back into the office. BLAKE has risen from his chair and is shaking hands with RICHARD

    (with a smile)

    Thank you, Blake. Keep up the great work.

    (flashes his teeth)

    Thank you, Mr. Davies.

    He turns to exit the office, passing JACK by the door and nodding tentatively in acknowledgment before slipping into the hallway.

    (to Jack, sitting back down)
    So, what do you think?


    He was lying through his teeth, I’ve got to hand it to him though, the guy’s smooth.

    He definitely found his calling as a lawyer.

    (chuckles a little)
    I can try to see if he was telling the truth about the contract. A copy should be on file if it really did exist.

    (moving towards the door)
    And I think I’ll keep an eye on our buddy Blake.

    Stay on your toes, Jack, we seem to have the advantage today. Don’t let my meddlesome daughter take that away.

    (exits the office)

    Don’t worry.

    (closing the door behind him)


    A short while later, TRU approaches the stage door at the side of the film studio. As she walks slowly, taking in her surroundings, she sees that there is already a small crowd gathered, mostly young girls with their mothers, many clutching cameras or glassy photos and talking excitedly. She comes closer, stopping near the back of the crowd.


    (asks one girl who looks about twelve conversationally)

    Waiting for Annabel to come out?

    (gri and nods excitedly, her ponytail bouncing up and down as she does)
    We’ve been waiting for two hours. She has to be coming out soon!

    Wow, two hours, You must be a big fan!

    The biggest! I just love Annabel. She’s so talented, and pretty, and she is totally my role model. If I get to meet her...

    (she just squeals instead of finishing the sentence)

    TRU smiles at her as flashes of ANNABEL dead in the morgue go through her mind. All of these girls admire her so much.

    Just then the door opens and a minor riot breaks out in the crowd. People start screaming and waving things, scrambling to get close to something. TRU has to move to get a good angle, but when she sees what is going on she is not surprised. There’s ANNABEL, in a white trenchcoat and black sunglasses, with BRENDA and a man who is clearly her bodyguard close behind. TRU can’t hear anything over the din, but she sees ANNABEL smiling at the crowd, and saying something to her bodyguard before starting to sign autographs like a pro, whipping a sharpie out of nowhere and scrawling her name on photo after photo, smiling and chatting with fans as she goes. After a minute of this she appears in front of the girl TRU was talking to, and graciously takes the large photo of herself.

    What’s your name, sweetie?

    (squeakes, looking as if she might faint)

    ANNABEL signs the photograph and hands it back with a smile before moving on to pose for a photo with another young girl. TRU notices the bodyguard beginning to look impatient; BRENDA has already disappeared inside a limo that pulled up at some point during the chaos. Deciding that she better make her move now, she moves as close to ANNABEL as she can get. During a pause between autographs she calls out to her.
    (loudly, hoping to get her attention)

    ANNABEL's eyes meet hers, smiling with slight surprise, probably noticing that TRU was a little out of place in the younger crowd.


    (scanning Tru's hand for prized memorabilia waiting for a signature)
    Hello. Would you like an autograph?

    No, I was actually hoping I could talk to you. It’s about Paul Ryan.

    It takes a moment for this to register with ANNABEL, but when it does an _expression of confusion appears on her face.

    (her look turns suspicious)
    Paul Ryan? Who are you?
    The bodyguard places a hand on ANNABEL's back, attempting to steer her away from the crowd, flashing TRU a warning look in the process.

    (speaks quickly and as quitely as possible, not wanting the crow to hear)
    Look, you don’t know me. But I know Paul, and I don’t want to scare you or anything,

    but I’m worried that he might try to contact you again.

    Maybe see you in person. I just wanted to tell you to be careful.

    (looks worried)
    Look, I’m not sure what you’re talking about...

    I have a restraining order against Paul Ryan, he can’t come anywhere near me.

    And besides, that whole thing was settled months ago.

    Feeling that the conversation is over, she allows her bodyguard to guide her towards the limo, waving back at her adoring fans one last time. But TRU isn’t giving up that easy. She hurries her pace, walking alongside ANNABEL

    I know that, but just please, be careful. I’m afraid of what he might do. Don’t stay alone tonight.

    ANNABEL looks downright annoyed by this point. "

    Okay miss, I don’t know who you are, but I can take care of myself, thank you.

    She ducks into the limousine before TRU can get another word in. She tries to step up to the window, but the bodyguard steps in front of her, staring menacingly.

    Please stand back.

    TRU obliges, taking a few steps back so she is closer to the crowd. The bodyguard climbs in the front and the limo sails away as quickly as it had come, leaving the crowd of awestruck fans wondering if they had imagined what had just happened. As the crowd slowly begins to dissipate, TRU stands there, hoping that ANNABEL took her words to heart, but knowing that she won’t feel comfortable until she knows for sure that she’s safe.


    HARRISON walks down a hallway, holding a piece of paper in his hand. His cell phone rings and he answers it.


    Hey sis.

    (asks, not bothering with pleasantries)
    Did you find him yet?

    (pauses outside a door in the apartment building)
    I’m workin’ on it. There were five Paul Ryans in the phonebook, so I’m checking them out.

    The phone book, Harry?

    The one we’re looking for might not even be listed. And how are you even going to recognize him?

    All we have to go on is that he’s ‘young’, and that’s a relative term.

    Tru, Tru, have a little faith in your brother.When have I ever let you down?


    Well, just try and find him soon. I talked to Annabel and told her to be careful, but I don’t know if she listened or not.

    (confidently, emphasising the word 'when')
    Well, I’m at apartment number one right now. I’ll let you know when I find him

    They exchange goodbyes and hang up. He takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. After a moment he hears footsteps, and a man in his mid forties answers the door.


    HARRISON peers over his shoulder and sees a little girl with blonde pigtails putting together a puzzle on the carpet.

    (with a laugh)

    Never mind, wrong apartment!

    The man gives him a strange look before closing the door. HARRISON pulls a pen from his pocket and crosses the first address off the list.

    (feeling accomplished)

    One down

    A few minutes later, he knocks on another door, this time to a townhouse. About two minutes go by without anyone answering, and he is about to turn away when the door creaks open, revealing a little, hunched over old man who is eighty if he’s a day.

    Can I help you?" he croaks.

    HARRISON just looks at him, smiling to himself. He knocks on a third door. This time it is only a moment before the door swings open, revealing a man who looks like he’s in his mid twenties. He’s skinny and wiry, with flat, longish black hair, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and has black glasses and a nervous _expression. HARRISON looks him up and down, realizing that this could very well be the guy.

    Are you Paul Ryan?

    (nods quickly)

    Y-yes, why? Who are you?

    HARRISON's mind spins as he realizes that he hadn’t figured out what he would say when he actually did find the guy.

    Oh, um, well, I just wanted to ask you a few questions about Annabel Winters.

    (eyes widen)

    A-Annabel? Are you a cop? Because we settled that, I promised I would never go near her again.

    ('Oh yeah. This is our guy.' He thinks triumphantly)

    Yes, but I’m just making sure you know that breaking a

    restraining order carries some very, um, heavy consequences these days.

    (looks very angry now)
    Look, I don’t know who you are, but I don’t deserve this harassment.

    (slaming the door in Harrison's face)

    EXT. PARK.

    See, doesn’t this beat being cooped up in that office?

    The two of them are walking through a park, enjoying the beautiful day. The area is full of mothers with small children, joggers, and people walking dogs. Music is drifting in from somewhere in the distance. The two of them pause by a bench and sit down. DAVIS slips off his jacket, enjoying the sun.


    This is nice.

    His anxiety over leaving the morgue seems to have dissipated somewhat, and he seems almost relaxed. He barely notices when CARRIE scoots over on the bench so their legs are practically touching.

    Thank you.

    (He turns to look at her, surprised only slightly at their close proximity)

    You know for...for getting me out of there.

    (blushes suddenly. Speaking half to himself)

    Why do I always have such a hard time t-talking around you.

    She surprises him by gently touching his face. As he looks at her she slowly leans in, hesitating first to see if he’s going to push her away, but when he doesn’t kisses him on the lips. The kiss is short but sweet, and when she pulls back she is pleased to see that DAVIS is smiling. Neither of them says anything, just smiling and enjoying the moment. After a minute, they settle back into their respective positions.


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