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January 2008
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Again We Go
3x08 - September 21, 2006

Summary: Tru really has her work cut out for her this time. A whole week’s worth to be exact. Each day a body comes in and asks for help, only nothing happens. Tru is certain something is wrong or that she herself is doing something wrong while Jack is living it up. Then on the fifth day when another body asks for help, Tru finds herself propelled a whole week. Can she save each victim without knowing how they’re intertwined before it’s too late?


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    Erin [userpic]
    Tru Calling Rewatch community!
    Hi everyone, this is slightly off-topic, but I thought you all might be interested in this.
    My friend Heather has started a Tru Calling rewatch community. Starting hopefully at the beginning of next month, we will watch one episode a week, and a discussion post will go up each Thursday. So if you're looking for an excuse to break out your DVDs, relive Tru Calling, and chat about it with some other fans, you should join! And please tell all your friends!

    trurewatch trurewatch trurewatch